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Expert Dragon with new properties to ensure profit

The best Forex robot dominates the chart right now. Trading using the Triple
Link Pairs strategy ensures Dragon Expert that you can make monthly profits of 70%-100% ++. The most advanced real-time algorithm code in Expert Advisor.

New features among the secrets of numbers
avoid loss with a certain profit and content 100% without experience and you can work with it for a small amount starting from

the legendary trading strategy
draws the price of the chart in real time between all time frames to find the best entry points and exit

link algorithm EA will find the link between couples and give a hedge to your deal.


The optimal
default setting doesn't need to set anything, our default Expert Advisor setting has been fully improved.

broker shield prevents suspicious brokers from trading against you by protecting your business information.

Take profits and stop hidden
loss, hide profit taking and stop the loss so the broker can't fool you.

An undetectable
robot trade our advanced test shows that your trade will be treated as a normal trade such as human trade by the broker.

Detect advanced
couples Choose the link pairs you want to trade. Expert Advisor will adapt automatically on the go.

filter you can choose the time when the expert advisor opens trading, both in London/America/Australia/Asian market.

There is no lagging trade managing
your business in real time without any delay.

broker support Expert Advisor has been improved with your Forex broker account type.

Easy to set up
just download it and install it on your Metatrader 4, and you're done. Designed for any skill level even for the grandfather. Start working in less than 5 minutes.

Loved by Forex
traders, thousands of traders use it in their forex terminals every day.

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Duration project: 1 days

Client: Expert Dragon


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